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Dr. Anil Kumar Mohapatra

Dr. Anil Kumar Mohapatra
Name: Dr. Anil Kumar Mohapatra
Designation: Lecturer
Qualification: M.A., LL.B., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No.: +91-9437780563
E-mail ID: anilmohapatra68(at)gmail(dot)com
  • International Relations (especially among South Asian countries)
  • Indian Government and Politics

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Journal Publications :

  • International Publications:
  • National Publications:
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  • Review Articles(State Level Publications):

Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  • Edited Books :
    1 Reviewing Book: A.K. Mohapatra, “South Asia From the Margins: Echoes of Orissa, 1800â??2000”, Asian Politics & Policy, 6: 624â??626, 2014.
    2 Editing Book/ Article: Served as Article Editor for the SAGE Open article, “Maneuvering the Power: A case of Bhutan’s limited-alignment with India,” completed on 6 November 2014.
  • Text Books :
    1 Text / Reference Book: Nepal in Transition: Issues in perspective, Panchashila, Bhubaneswar, 2013.
    2 Text / Reference Book: Small states in South Asia: A security perspective of the Himalayan States”, Panchashila: Bhubaneswar (India), 2008.
  • Book Chapters :
    1 Book Chapters: A.K. Mohapatra, “Whither Afghanistan? Challenges and Opportunities for India”, in Biswanath Chakraborty et al (eds.) ‘An outline of Indian Foreign Policy and Foreign Relations’. Kolkata: Mitram Publisher, pp. 413-423, 2015.
    2 Book Chapters: A.K. Mohapatra, “Democracy in Bhutan: Evolution, Practices and Controversies” in Debasish Nandy et al(eds.), ‘South Asia and Democracy: Contexualising issues and Institutions’, New Delhi : Kunal Books. Pp.34-53 , 2015.
    3 Book Chapters: A.K. Mohapatra,“Giving shape to one’s vision: A study of Ambedkar’s contribution to Indian Constitution” in Priyadarshi Bahinipati (ed.), ‘B.R. Ambedkar An Enlightened Iconoclast’, New Delhi : New Academic Publishers, pp. 147-157, 2015.
    4 Book Chapters: A.K.Mohapatra,”Functions of the District Planning Committee in Koraput District : An analysis”, in Misra, A and B. Satapathy(eds.)‘ Aspects of Local Governance in Orissa’, P.G. Dept. of Political Science, Utkal University, Vanivihar, Pp. 158-68, 2009.
  • Research Books :
  • Workshops:
    1 Participated in the “Regional Workshop on Preparation of perspective plan for Higher Education in Orissa” held at V. Dev (Auto) College, Jeypore on 22 October 2009.
    2 Participated in a national workshop on “Resource politics, Climate change, Environmental Degradation, and Displacement in India” organized by CSSEIP and MCRG in Andhra University, Vishakapatnam from 22 to 24 January, 2010.
    3 Participated in the Workshop conducted by the SAARC centre of Andhra University, Visakhapatnam on “25 years of SAARC: An evaluation”, from 18 to 19 March, 2011.
  • Seminars:
  • Baden Wurttemberg Fellowship-2013, availed at South Asia Institute, University of Heidelberg, Germany.
  • Resident Resource Person at the ELCOP Summer School, organized by National Human Rights Commission, Bangladesh at NAEM, Dhaka from 11-23 December, 2013.
  • UK-India Education and Research Initiative (UKERI) Fellowship of British Council, 2012 availed at the Contemporary South Asian Studies Programme, University of Oxford, UK.
  • UGC Visiting Fellow (10-19 December 2014 and 5 -15 May 2014) at University of North Bengal, Siliguri (West Bengal).
  • State (Odisha) Coordinator for ‘Famers’ Survey-2013’ project of Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS) , New Delhi.
  • State (Odisha) Coordinator of Lokniti, CSDS, New Delhi
  • State (Odisha) Coordinator for the ICSSR project entitled “Determining Quality in Higher Education in India: Defining Parameters, Creating Resources and Evolving Models” by the Centre for Research in Social Science and Education (CERSSE), Jain University, Bangalore in 2014.
  • Delivered a talk on “Small states in South Asia and their security issues” in the South Asia Institute (SAI), the University of Heidelberg, Germany on 9th July, 2013.
  • Delivered a talk on “Violence against women and the role of media: An Indian perspective (with special reference to Odisha)” in the South Asia Institute (SAI), the University of Heidelberg, Germany on 2nd July, 2013.
  • Delivered a seminar on “Democratic aspirations and Stumbling blocks in Nepal” in the school of Anthropology and Museum Ethnography, University of Oxford, UK on 11th December 2012.
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