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Dr. (M/S) Jayanti Dora

Dr. (M/S) Jayanti Dora
Name: Dr. (M/S) Jayanti Dora
Designation: Reader/Associate Professor
Qualification: M.A., M.Phil ,B.Ed, NET, Ph.D
Phone No.: +91-9861064942, 9437882049
E-mail ID: jayanti(dot)dora(at)yahoo(dot)com, jayantidora69(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Cultural History and Heritage of Odisha
  • History of India, Indian Historiography
  • Historical Research Methodology
  • World History and Ancient Civilizations of the World

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Journal Publications :

  • International Publications:
  • National Publications:
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  • Review Articles(State Level Publications):

Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  • Presented/Published in proceedings:
    1 J.Dora, A Study on the Archaeological Sites of Nawapara District of Orissa, IndianHistory Congress, Proceeding, Kolkata, pp.1020-1027.2002.
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  • Edited Books :
    1 J.Dora, “RanipurJharial-An Art Heritage Site in Western Odisha” in A.K.Mishra (Ed) Indian Culture and Technology Through the Ages (With Special Emphasis on Odisha),P.G.Department of History Utkal University, ,pp. 54-74. 2011, ISBN-81-89726-57-7.
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  • State Level Award- Utkal Santana Honour as Ideal Teacher,2011.
  • Awarded ICHR Travel Contingency Grant for Ph.D Research Work, 2002-2005. Awarded Ph.D Degree on title “Sakta Monuments of Orissa (From Early Times to the 13th Century AD)”.
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