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Welcome to Department of Anthropology

Department Alumni


The alumni association of the Department is called as The Utkal Anthropology Alumni Association (UAAA). The alumni of the Department are great role models for current students and are often well placed to offer practical support to students as they start their careers. Generally, the alumni are often in the position to engage the expertise of the institution in their professional lives. The Department is proud to have alumni who have achieved eminence in diverse fields such as in academia, civil administration, politics, civil society activism, entrepreneurship, NGO and Development sector, business etc., and they have been contributing positively to the society.

The Utkal Anthropology Alumni Association regularly organises meetings, seminars and cultural programmes. It felicitates its old and eminent members. They are always available for advice and assistance to their fellow members and have proved to be a great help to the Department in various matters.


Distinguished Alumni

Mr. Dharmendra Pradhan

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas, Govt. of India

Prof. P.K.Nayak

Former Chairman, Centre for Nabakrushna Choudhary Centre for Development Studies, Bhubaneswar

Prof. K K Misra

Vice Chancellor, Utkal University of Culture and Dean, Social Sciences, University of Hyderabad, and Former Director of IGRMS, AnSI, Govt. of India

Prof. A B Ota

IAS, Revenue Divisional Commissioner and Director, SCSTRTI, Govt. of Odisha

Dr. Harish Chandra Dash

Former Superintendent, Odisha State Museum

Mr. Jagadananda Mohanty

Financial Advisor, Ministry of Defence, Govt. of India

Mr. Kamdeb Mohanty

Chief, Reliance Fresh, India

Mr. Ramakanta Mishra

Former Regional Director, Central SCST Commission

Prof. P.K. Das

Prof. & Head, GGD University, Chhattisgarh

Mr. Basanta Mohanty

Former Regional Director, CARE

Dr. Digbijoy Giri

Regional Passport Officer, Bhubaneswar -751 012.

Dr. Rajendra Dehury

Superintending Archaeologist, Archaeological Survey of India, Govt. of India.