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Welcome to Utkal University



  • Preparation of monthly salary for all the University Employees.
  • Preparation of monthly pension of all the pensioners/family pensioners of this University.
  • Imparting training to the Teaching and Non­teaching staff of the University.
  • To provide assistance to students of different P.G. Departments and sponsored courses for using computers
  • Calculation and maintenance of G.P.F. Accounts of the staff of the University.
  • To provide computational facilities to the faculty members and Research Scholars of the University.
  • Extending the laboratory facilities to the students of different sponsored programme.
  • Extending the facility to different recruiters for online examination for campus selection.
  • Calculating Income tax of employees of this university.
  • Maintaining NKN network across the campus.
  • Actively associated with the Library Automation and maintained the library database..
  • Maintained the wired and wireless network across the campus.

The Equipements  available at the centre are as follows :


  • Five Servers
  • Forty Desktops
  • Two Laptopa


  • Two L3 Switchs
  • Fifty Eight L2 Switch installed across the campus
  • Thirty Wi-Fi indoor and outdoor access point across the campus
  • Two Firewalls
  • Two Routers


  • Line Matrix Printer:- 1 No.
  • Laser Printer:- 1 No.
  • Xerox cum Printer & Scanner:- 1 No.
  • Scanner:- 1 No.
  • NAS-1 No. &LTO-1 No. for backup.
  • External HDD:-1 No.
  • Overhead Projector:- 1 No.


  • Windows 2012 Server
  • Linux
  • window 10,8.1&7
  • Oracle,
  • SPSS,
  • Microsoft Office
  • Visual Studio.

Rules for use of Computer Centre:

  • Users are not allowed without identity card and necessary permission from Head of the  Department and System Manager.
  • Users are required to use this Centre only during the time allotted to them.
  • They are not allowed beyond the time allotted to them.
  • Making disturbances in some form or other inside the Computer Centre is strictly prohibited. Users have to maintain discipline during their stay in the Computer Centre.
  • Every user has to sign the Logbook and make necessary entries in space provided.
  • Users have to bear with the staff of the Computer Centre during power failure and other such condition.
  • The users who disturb others or do not obey the rules shall be debarred from the use of Computer Centre.


Computer Centre remains open from 10 AM to 6 PM on every working days. Second Saturday is a holiday.