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Welcome to Department of Anthropology

Department Faculty Details


S.N.  Name Designation EMail Qualification Phone No View Details
1 Dr.  Upali Aparajita Professor M.A., Ph. D.(Utkal) 9437077166 View Profile
2 Prof.Dr(Mrs.)  Sabita Acharya Professor M. Sc. M. Phil, Ph. D(Utkal), PDF(Oxford) 9438423366 View Profile
3 Dr.  Kishor Kumar Basa Professor M.A. (Delhi), Ph. D.(London),PDF (Cambridge) 8895615636 View Profile
4 Mr.  Subrat Kumar Naik Assistant Professor M.A., MPhil,(Utkal)M.A., M. Phil. Anthropology,( Utkal) 8895238880 View Profile
5 Dr.  Prasanna Kumar Patra Associate Professor & Head M.Sc. (NEHU), Ph.D (Delhi), Postdocs (Leiden-The Netherlands, Kyoto-Japan, Sussex- UK),PGD in Journalism, M.A. in Japanese (Delhi) +91-8763356554 View Profile
6 Dr.  Kanhu Charan Satapathy Associate Professor, M.Sc.,M. Phil ,Ph.D.(Utkal), Dipl. in Forensic Science (Utkal) +91-9437984045 View Profile
7 Mr.  Daitari Sahoo Assistant Professor M.A., M. Phil. Anthropology,( Utkal) 9861511933 View Profile
8 Dr.  Priyanka Khurana Assistant Professor M. Sc., Ph.D. (Delhi) +91-9937252987 View Profile