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Dr. Navaneeta Rath

Navaneeta Rath Name : Dr.   Navaneeta Rath
Designation : Professor
Qualification : M.A, Ph.D, Post doctoral (University of Wuppertal, Germany)
Phone No. : +91-9437211588
E-mail ID : navaneeta(dot)rath (at)gmail(dot)com
  • Sociology of Gender
  • Sociology of Education
  • Child Rights
  1. Guidance :
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  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 National Initiatives for Protection of Consumer Rights: The Indian Experience, in Geetanjali Dash edt. Globalisation and Consumer Rights,2012. -,
      2 Women’s Empowerment in the 21st Century India: Vision and Realities, International Journal of Multidisciplinary Educational Research,ISSN:2277-7881:Impact factor-2.735,IC Value: 5.16 , Volume2, Issue12(2), November 2013. -,
      4 Child Poverty Among Girls: Scenario and Solutions in International Journal of Contemporary Research in Social Science (ISSN: 2349-0195) August Issue,2014. -,
      5 Inclusive Governance, Panchayats and Women’s Empowerment: Ideas, Issues and Interventions in Panchyatraj Divas special Orissa Review ISSN 0970-8669 March ,2015 edition. -,
      6 Education of Adolescent Girls in the Knowledge Society of India: Issues and Interventions in India Education Review, http://www.indiaeducationreview, April,2015. -,
      7 Abused Children in Schools: The Need and Means of Counseling, Journal of Social Work Research, July,2015. -,
      8 Satpathy, J. and Rath, N. (2015). Clinical Reflections On Some ModelsIn Absenteeism, International Technology and Innovation Research Journal, Volume 01, Issue 02, Edition 01, June 2015, Sydney,Australia. -,
      9 Child Poverty: The Shocking Ins and Outs, International Journal of Development Research, Issue-7July,2015. -,
      10 Agenda and Achievements of Smart Economics in India: A Critical Review, published in the special issue on women on the 68th independence day, in Social Vision, August,2015. -,
      11 Satpathy, J. and Rath, N. (2015). Behavioural Inquisition into Absenteeism, Cognitive Social Science eJournal, SSRN - Abstract: 2698575, (December 3, 2015), USA. -,
      12 Satpathy, J. and Rath, N. (2015). Neurosocio - Economic Inquisition into Absenteeism, (December 9, 2015), SSRN: Abstract: 2701184, USA. -,
      13 Satpathy, J. and Rath, N. (2015). Voyage into Neuro-
      Absenteeism -,
      14 Enabling and Empowering Women to Encounter Climate Change: The role of Social Capital in Current Development Reporter,2013. -,
      15 Integration or Isolation: Women craft Workers in the Era of Globalisation in Madhya Pradesh Journal of Sociology,2014. -,
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      20 Women Social Movements in India, Occasional Paper No.20, N.C.D.S., Bhubaneswar, 1995. -,
      21 Rural Development Programmes and Awareness of Rural Women, Women & Dev elopement, Edited by Dr.(Mrs) B. Mohanty, Mayur Publications, 1996. -,
      22 A Study of the Promises and Performances of Mahila Banks in Orissa, Occasional Paper No. 30, NCDS, 1996. -,
      23 Alternative Approaches to Poverty Eradication among Rural Women in India: The role of Welfare Economics in Public Policy. The Journal of Public Policy Studies, Vol.6, 1999. -,
      24 Health for All by 2000 AD with Special Reference to Drug Abuse: Role of Women, The Journal of Public Policy Studies, Vol.7, 2000. -,
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      27 The Paradox Women Empowerment: Expectations and Experiences of the Tribal Women in an Urban Slum in Mandakini Das and Pritirekha Daspattanayak (edt) Empowering Women: Issues, 13 Challenges and Strategies, Dominant Publishers and Distributers Pvt. Ltd., 2009 ISBN: 978-81-908492-1-0. -,
      28 Reducing Child Poverty in Tribal Areas: The Need for Health Reform in ICMR Research Forum Journal, 2012. -,
      29 The Realities of Women Rights in the Craft Sector: Some Observations, RAICE INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL,2012. -,
      30 Farmer Suicide in India: Scenario and Solution in Current Development Reporter,2013. -,
      31 Women in New Economic Frontiers: The Women Corporate Professionals of Odisha,in the Journal of Extension Education, Vol. XVII, No. 1.2012,ISSN 0976-8246. -,
      32 After Care for Aging out Inmates From Care Homes : The Odishan Experiment and Experience, Odisha Review, ISSN 0970-8669April- May ,2014 edition. -,
    3. Review Articles:
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):
  1. Edited Books :
    1 Women in Rural Society: A Quest for Development, M.D. Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1996, ISBN: 81-855880-89-1
    2 Women in India: A Search For Identity (Co-edited), Anmol Publications Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi, 1999, ISBN: 81-261-0450-3
    3 A Training Manual for Gender Training in Oriya Language (Co-authors), Published by OPEPA, Govt. of Odisha, 2012
    4 Gender and Society, Published by Mayur Publications Bhubaneswar,ISBN:978-81-89626-50-1,2014
    5 Gender Studies ( Study Module), For Utkal University D.D.C.E. 2014
    6 Translated a book into Oriya on International Productive Practices Exchange in Education: Prepared by Social Research Educational Institution, London University, Sponsored by European Union Community Fund and coordinated by Save the Children
  2. Text Books :
    1 Contributed to N.C.E.R.T. Text Book on Sociology at +2 level to as a member of the editorial board., N.C.E.R.T.,2001
    2 Gender and Social Exclusion: Some Reflections (edt. with co-editors), Abhijit Publications, New Delhi, 2012, ISBN: 978-93-5074001-9
    3 A Module on Non-Institutional Child Care (Co-authored), Task Force, Govt. of Odisha, 2012.
    4 Sociology of Development (Study Module), For Utkal University D.D.C.E. 2015
    5 Sociology of Globalisation ( Study Module), To be submitted to Utkal University D.D.C.E.
    6 Women in Indian Politics: Tradition, Transition and Transformation(co edited), Accepted by Mittal for Publication
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  4. Research Books :
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