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Dr. Sudhakar Jally

Sudhakar Jally Name : Dr.   Sudhakar Jally
Designation : Assistant Professor
Qualification : M.A., Ph. D., LLB
Phone No. : 97777567669
E-mail ID : sjphilmaa(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Indian Philosophy,Comparative Religion, Western Political Philosophy and Philosophy of Social Science
  1. Guidance :
    1. MPhil Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Topic of MPhil Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
    2. PhD Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Registration No Name of the Co-guide if any Fellowship received if any during research Topic of PhD Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      • "A Note on Svatah Pramanyavada", JAOPA, Vol-2, No. 1, ISSN: 2395-2784, 2016.
      • "The Concept of Man in the philosophy of Carvak", Review Journal of Philosophy and Social Science, Vol.40, No.2, ISSN-258-1701, 2015.
      • "A Note on Indian Traditional Values" North Asian International Research Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Vol. I, Issue 2, ISSN-2454-9827, 2015.
      • "Science and Religion", International Journal of English, Vol; III, Issue. VIII, ISSN-2321-7065, 2015.
      • "Svadharma Paradharma: A Review ", International Journal of Research and Social Science, Vol. II, Issue.10, ISSN_2394-6298, 2015.
      • "On Svatah Pramanyavada as opposed to Paratah Prmanyavada", International Journal of Current Research, Vol. 7, Issue.11, ISSN-0975-833X, 2015.
      • "Relevance of Gandhism Today", International Journal of English language Literature and Humanities, Vol. II, Issue. 10, ISSN-2321-7065, 2015.
    3. Review Articles(State Level Publications):
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  1. Edited Books :
  2. Text Books :
  3. Book Chapters :
    • Man, Freedom and Religion, Lambert Academic publishing, Germany, ISBN- 978-3-659-83570-4, 2016.
    • A Unity of Religions, Mayur publication, ISBN-978-81-89626-65-5. 2015
    • Freedom in Indian Thought, Mayur publication, ISBN-978-81-89626-66-2, 2015.
    • Status of Man in Major Religions, Maya publication, ISBN- 978-81-89626-66-2, 2015.
    • Gandhian Philosophy: A Critical Review, Abhijit Publication, ISBN-978-93-5074-167-2, 2014
  4. Research Books :
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  2. Seminars:
  • Recipient of Indian Council of Philosophical Research Junior Research Fellowship from- 2002- 2004.
  • Recipient of UGC Minor Research Project in Humanities and Social Sciences     (Philosophy)-  Project Entitled, “Man, Freedom and Religion” in 2012-2014.
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