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Dr. Devananda Beura

Devananda Beura Name : Dr.   Devananda Beura
Designation : Reader & HEAD
Qualification : M.Sc., M.Phil, Ph.D., PGDEE
Phone No. : +91-9861213472
E-mail ID : debanandabeura(at)rediffmail(dot)com
  • Ore Deposit
  • Structural Geology
  • Disaster Management
  • Environmental Geology
  • Rock Art Studies
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  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 Beura, D. (2009) Knowing the Earth’s Interior. Emerging Science, Vol-1, No-5. pp 20-22. ISSN: 0976-4100. -,
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      5 Beura, D. (2006) Artisanal and Small Scale mining and Environment ‚?? a case study from Bajpur-Tapang Area, Khurda Dist., Orissa. Vistas in Geol Research,U.U. Spl. Pub. In Geol No.5 pp.173-177. ISBN:81-900907-0-4. -,
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    3. Review Articles:
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):
    1 Beura, D., Singh, P. and Acharya, A. (2002) Role of Information Technology in Disaster Management. Nat. Sem. Role of IT in Geo. Sc.,GSI. pp.106-108.
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    6 Beura, D. (2008) Mineralogical Studies Of Precambrian Banded Iron Formation Of Badampahar-Maharajpur Area Of Mayurbhanj District, Orissa, India in the Proceedings Volume of the DRS seminar on “Recent trends in ore geological studies” held on 29th March 2008, pp.42-51.
    7 Beura, D. and Singh, P. (2008) Tectonically hypothecated genetic model of Precambrian iron ore deposits of Badampahar-Gorumahisani-Suleipat belt, Orissa, India. Sem.Iron ores- Genesis and Exploration Techniques. SGAT, Bhubaneswar.pp.32-40.
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  1. Edited Books :
    1 Book: D. Beura (2014) ‘Sabuja Swapna’ Publisher-SR Barik, Cuttack, pp.76.
    2 Edited Books: D. Beura (2014) Recent Trends in Geological Researches, Science and Education publishing, USA . pp. 28. ISSN: 23736704.
    3 Book: D. Beura (2012) “Prakrutika Sampad O Paribesh” Satyam Book Agency, Bhubaneswar, pp.80. ISBN: 978-81-900607-7-4.
    4 Book: D. Beura (2011) “Banya O Anyanya Kavita” Kalingaprabha Prakashani, Cuttack, pp.2011.
    5 Book: D. Beura (2011) “ Aama Paribesha: Kichi katha Kichi byatha” Ezy’s Publication, Bhubaneswar, pp.96.
    6 Book: D. Beura (2015) “Archaean Schist Belt of Odisha, India- Structure and Tectonics” LambertAcademic Publishing, Germany, pp-120. ISBN: 9783659749957.
  2. Text Books :
  3. Book Chapters :
    1 Book Chapters: Beura, D. (2009) Cyclone Disaster Management with special reference to Orissa Coast, India. Book chaper-10, Geological Hazards, New India Publishing Agency, pp.133-153. ISBN978-81-908512-75.
    2 Book Chapters: Beura, D. (2015) Chromite Deposits Of Sukinda Ultramafic Belt, Odisha- A Genesis Perspective. Emerging Trends in Mineral Development and Environmental Issues Capital Publishing Company. Pp.114-127 ISBN 978-93-81891-27-8.
    3 Book Chapters: Beura, D. (2014) Geological aspects and management of rock art with special reference to conservation. Book chaper-22, Rock Art Studies, Aryan Books International, Vol-1, pp.399-411. ISBN 978-81-7305-491-4.
  4. Research Books :
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3 M.Phil - University 2nd Topper
4 M.Sc. - University 2nd Topper
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7 HSC - School Topper
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