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Dr. Dasarathi Sahu

Dasarathi Sahu Name : Dr.   Dasarathi Sahu
Designation : Reader & Head
Qualification : M.Com, MCA, LL.B, Ph.D
Phone No. : +91-961109677
E-mail ID : d_sahu2000(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • ERP
  • E-Commerce
  • Supply Chain Management and CSR
  • MIS
  • IT
  • OSP
  • CAM
  • ERP
  • MIS
  • DSS
  1. Guidance :
    1. MPhil Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Topic of MPhil Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
    2. PhD Guidance:
      Sl No  Name of the Scholar Year of award of Degree Registration No Name of the Co-guide if any Fellowship received if any during research Topic of PhD Thesis Summary of the Research Outcome(In 100 Words)
      1 Varaha Nageswar Rao Amuduri 2013 ` 18 Bus.Admin.2008-2009 Prof. V.K.Mohan Effectiveness of Supply Chain and Co-ordinated Supply Networks with Reference to Pantaloon Retail
  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 Sahu, D and Panigrahy, D. “Corporate Sickness and Cash Flow Crisis “, Productivity, January-March 1995, No.4, Vol.35, ISSN 0032-9924, PP 648-658.
      2 Rao, A.V.Nageswara, Mohan, V. Krishna, Sahu, D. “Enhancing Work Place Competency Through Innovative Integrated Learning”, Journal of Educational Technology, i-manager Publications, ISSN-0973-0559, Volume 6, No.1, April-June 2009, PP 6-12.
      3 Dash, M. K, Sahu. D and Dash, S. K. “Assessing Supply Chain Management Success Factors: A Case Study With Hotel Industry”, Proceedings of National Seminar on Supply Chain Management in SMES: Gaining Competitive Advantage, 14th November, 2009, I.T.S Institute of Management, Greater Noida, and Wisdom Publications, Jhilmil Colony, Delhi, PP 22-31.
      4 Rao, A.V. Nageswar, Sahu, D. and Mohan, V. Krishna. “The Effects of Integration Strategies on Organizational Performance in Retail Industry”, i-manager’s Journal on Management, ISSN-0973-5054, Vol. 5, No. 1, June-August 2010, PP 23-34.
      5 Rao, A.V. Nageswar, Sahu, D. and Mohan, V. Krishna. “Strategic Enterprise Resource Planning for Global Supply Chain Competitiveness”. i-manager’s Journal of Educational Technology, ISSN No. 0973-0559, Vol.7, No.4,January-March 2011, PP 19-27.
      6 Sahu, D, Mallik, Brijlal. “Corporate Sustainability Initiatives Reporting: A Study on India’s Most Valuable FMCG Companies”. International Journal of Management and Social Science Research Review (IJMSSR), E-ISSN ‚?? 2349-6746, ISSN ‚?? 2349-6738, Vol.1 Issue No.9, March -2015, PP 189-196 Peer Reviewed.
      7 Sahoo, Amiya Kumar, Sahu, D. Khuntia, Kshitish Kumar. “Role of Digital Divide in the effectiveness of e-Governance: A study on Rayagada District of Odisha”. Global Journal for Research Analysis (International) ISSN No: 2277-8160, Vol-4, Issue-6, June-2015, PP 309-312 IMPACT FACTOR: 3.1218.
    3. Review Articles(State Level Publications):
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):

  1. Edited Books :
  2. Text Books :
  3. Book Chapters :
  4. Research Books :
  1. Workshops:
  2. Seminars:
  1. Teaching:
  2. Important Activities:
    1 Member, Board of Studies, Business Administration & Agri-business, Utkal University
    2 Member, DRC(SRC), Business Administration, Utkal University
    3 Member, Board of Studies, North Odisha University
    4 Member, Advisory Committee, United School of Business Management, Bhubaneswar.
    5 Faculty Leader, National Entrepreneurship Network, WADHWANI FOUNDATION
    6 Teacher-in-charge, Study/Industrial Tour (Business Administration)
    7 Teacher-in-charge cultural activities (Business Administration)
    8 Coordinator of Orientation Programme (Business Administration)
    9 Coordinator of Ph.D Programme (Business Administration)
    10 Examinations Superintendent (Business Administration)
    11 Secretary, Department Teacherís Council, Business Administration, Utkal University for period 2005-2010
    12 Joint Editor of International Journal of Management, The Sankalpa
    13 Selection Committee Member of NHM, Govt. of Odisha for the post of Management Consultant
    14 Faculty Selection Committee Member, DSBM, Bhubaneswar
    15 Faculty Selection Committee Member, ASBM, Bhubaneswar
    16 Paper Setter for different examinations
  3. Research Projects Undertaken:
  4. Invited Lectures:
  5. Administrative/Executive experience:
    1 HOD, Business Administration (From Session 2019)
    2 Member, Equal Opportunities Cell, Utkal University
    3 Member, IQAC
    4 Hostel Superintendent, 3rd P.G. Gentís Hostel, Utkal University from June 2016 to July 2018.
    5 Associate Course Coordinator, EMBA Programme, Utkal University (2006-2010) & from June 2016 till date.
    6 Associate Course Coordinator, IMBA Programme, Utkal University (2010-2013)
    7 Associate Course Coordinator, Dept. of IMCA, Utkal University from 2013 to 2018
    8 Asst. Superintendent, Gentís Hostel No.3, Utkal University (2004-2010)
    9 Asst. Superintendent, Gentís Hostel No.1, Utkal University (2014-2016)
    10 Examination Tabulator, Utkal University
  6. Conference organized as Organizing Secretary:
1 Life member of The Divine Life Society, Risikesh, Uttarakhand
2 Life member of The Odisha Commerce Association
3 Life member of The Utkal University Teacherís Association