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Dr. Debasish Pradhan

Debasish Pradhan Name : Dr.   Debasish Pradhan
Designation : Lecturer
Qualification : M.Pharm, Ph.D, M.B.A, F.I.C
Phone No. : +919861137772
E-mail ID : deba_udps(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)in
  • Cancer Research (Breast Cancer & Lung Cancer)
  • Immunity
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  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 D Pradhan,P K Panda,G Tripathy; Pharmacological evaluation of S trifoliatus. In EAC tumor bearing mice;IJTPR;0975-5160;1(2),pg.44-46,2010;1.114.
      2 P K Sahoo, D Pradhan, P Behera; Neuroprotective effect of B Monnierri ..receptor in diabetic neuropathic pain.;JPR;2321- 4988;3(8)Pg.1806-1809,;2010;2.661..
      3 Pharmacological intervention.....adenosine receptors in diabetic neuropathic pain;JPR; 2321- 4988; 3(8), Pg.1798-1802; 2010; 2.661.
      4 D Pradhan, G Tripathy, Screening of in vivo‚?¶ Limonia acidissima against MCF-7 Cell Lines.IJTPR,India,0975-5160,7(2); pp.100-104; 2015;.656.
      5 P.K S, K.M P ,D.Pradhan , G.Tripathy, R B , S. Patnayak, S KSahoo; Antidiabetic and antioxidant activity of Sapindus trifoliatus linn.;IJPBS;0975-6299;1(2),pp1-7; 2010; .473.P K Sahoo, D Pradhan, P Behera.
      6 S triathy, D Pradhan, M Anjana; Anti inflammatory and antiarthritic potential of Ammania Baccifera Linn.;IJPBS;0975-6299;1(3);pg.1-7; 2010;.47.
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      18 M S Karchuli, D Pradhan; Immunopotntial of Leucas Cephalotes spreng.;Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacology;0976-7568;6(1) 2012;.214.
      19 SP Rao1*, D Pradhan1; Antiulcer Activity of Smilax zeylanica Linn; Inventi Impact: Ethnopharmacology; 0976-7568;6(1),pg.30-32, 2012.;.214.
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      22 Shyamalendu Tripathy, Debasish Pradhan, B Tripathy; Antiarthritic evaluation of Crateva religiosa extracts; American Journal of Phytomedicine and Clinical Therapeutics;2321-27481(4), pg.370-377, 2013;.64.
      23 Gitanjali Tripathy*, Debasish Pradhan; Evaluation of in-vitro ... Immunomodulatory activity of Beta vulgaris; Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research;0974-2441;6(1); pg.370-377; 2013;.786.
      24 A Panda, S Rath, D Pradhan, A.M, B K G,N N Bala; Hepatoprotective Activity of Whole Part of the Plant Cuscuta reflexa; Roxb.... Models;IJPCR;0975 1556;6(2),127-132,;2014;.457.
      25 P K Mahapatra, D Pradhan;Relaxant effects of L acidissima (pulp) on guinea pig tracheal chain and its possible mechanism(s);IJPPS;ELSEVIER;0975-1491;6(5)Pg 257-263;2014;.484.
      26 P Sahoo, D M Kar, D Pradhan; Pharmacological efficacy of Argemone mexicana ...... induced duodenal ulceration in rats ;Indian Journal of Medical Science;0019-5359;65(3); Pg 92-99; 2014;1.434..
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      30 Gitanjali tripathy*, Debasish pradhan; Estimation of immunomodulatory activity of limonia acidissima linn..; Asian Journal of Pharmaceutical and Clinical Research;0974-2441;7(1) pg.219-221;2014;.786..
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      34 Shaktiprasad Pradhan, Ranjit Mohapatra and D Pradhan, Ethnomedicinal plants of Odisha used against Breast Cancer- A review,IJCPRR,2395-3306,1(2);pg.38-42; 2015.
      35 D Pradhan, G Tripathy.In vitro antibreast cancer activity of Limonia acidissima against MCF-7 cell lines, World Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2278-4357,4(04); 03/2015,2.786
      36 Debasish Pradhan*, R K Pradhan, G Tripathy, S.Pradhan, Inhibition of proteasome activity by the dietary flavonoid Quercetin breast cancer cells and Xenografts. Journal of Young Pharmacists,ELSEVIER,0975-1483,7(3);225-233; 2015,1.113.
      37 D Pradhan*,G tripathy, R K Pradhan, S Pradhan, S R Moharana, Inhibition of MDR1 in mammary cell carcinoma reverses Multidrug Resistance by SOCS1,Pharmacog Journal,Pubmed,7,1.239.
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