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Dr. Priya Ranjan Dash

Priya Ranjan Dash Name : Dr.   Priya Ranjan Dash
Designation : Reader
Qualification : M.Sc., MBA, M.Phil., Ph.D.
Phone No. : +91-9438206307
E-mail ID : prdashjsp(at)gmail(dot)com , prdash(dot)st(at)utkaluniversity(dot)ac(dot)in
  • Sample Survey Methods
  • Stochastic Processes
  • Multivariate Analysis
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  2. Journal Publications :
    1. International Publications:
    2. National Publications:
      1 Dash, P.R. and Hore, S. (2015). Moving towards an Optimal Sample using VNS Algorithm, Hacettepe Journal of Mathematics and Statistics, A Bimonthly Publication Of Hacettepe University Faculty Of Science. -,
      2 Dash, P.R., Mishra, G. (2011). On Modified Exponential Estimators for finite Population Mean in Double Sampling, Global Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Vol.- 1(4), 162-165. -,
      3 Dash, P.R., Mishra, G. (2011). An Improved Class of Estimators in Two-Phase Sampling Using Two Auxiliary Variables, Communications in Statistics - Theory and Methods, Vol-40(24), 4347-4352. -,
      4 Pattanaik, P.S. and dash, P.R. (2012). Impact of Corporate Governance Practices on the Firm performance: An empirical evidence of the small and medium enterprises in India, International Journal of Research in Commerce, IT & Management, 2(9), 119-123. -,
      5 Dash, P.R. and rath, B.R. (2012). Analyzing the Factors on Adoption of New Technologies in a Highly Uncertain Environment, Prabandhan, 2(1), 107-112. -,
      6 Dash, P.R. (2012). A Markov Chain Modeling of Daily Precipitation Occurrences of Odisha,.International Journal of Advanced Computer and Mathematical Sciences, 3(4),. 482-486. -,
      7 Pattanaik, J., Pattanaik, S., Dash, P.R. (2013). User centric model of E-learning to build up virtual learning environment, International Journal of Emerging Trends & Technology in Computer Science, Vol - 2(4), 16-22. -,
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      11 Dash, P.R., Pattanaik, S., Rath, B.R. (2016). Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) as Tools for Developing Customer Relationship Management as External Uncertain Environment: A Case Study with Reference to State Bank of India, Indian Journal of Science and Technology, Vol 9(4), pp. 1-11. -,
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    3. Review Articles:
  3. Conference Publication(Presented/Published in proceedings):
    1 Consumer’s Green Purchase Behaviour: A Case Study of Bhubaneswar City using Structural Equation Modeling, International Management Conclave 2010, Organized by KIIMS on Collaboration with Southampton SOLENT University, Bhubaneswar, Feb 10-20th -2010, INDIA, pp. 141-146.
    2 Search Engine Marketing: Buyers Knocking at your virtual door, Souvenir, 6th National Seminar on Marketing Opportunities & Challenges in the knowledge Economy, Sponsored by AlCTE, Organized by Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 11th ?? 13th March, 2010, pp. 99 ?? 106.
    3 Innovation and Change Strategy in Management Education, AICTE sponsored National Seminar on Teaching Methodology in Management Education, Organized by BijuPatnaik Institute of IT & Management Studies, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, 25th ?? 27th, June, 2010, pp. 36-42.
    4 E-Learning: A Milestone in the Research of Data Mining (2010), Special Issue of International Journal of Computer & Communication Technology (IJCCT), Vol. 2, issue 2,3,4.
    5 Self Help Groups: Path to Social Development and Economic Self Sufficiency of Women, UGC sponsored National Seminar on Women Employment through Self Help Groups organized by S.S.B.C. College, Mahakalapara, Kendrapara, Odisha on 6-7th May, 2008.
    6 Clustering internet Banking Customer using Data Mining, 7th National Seminar on Modern Trends in Data Engineering & Data Storage, 1st may, 2010, organized by Srusti Academy of Management, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, pp. 31-38.
  1. Edited Books :
  2. Text Books :
    1 Text Books: Dash, P.R. (2011): Research Methodology with SPSS, Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. , New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-8281-381-6.
    2 Text Books: Dash, P.R.; Mishra, G. (2011): Mathematics and Statistics For Biology, Vrinda Publications (P) Ltd. , New Delhi, ISBN-978-81-8281-362-5.
  3. Book Chapters :
    1 Book Chapters: Dash. M. R., Dash. P. R., Pattanaik. P.S., (2009): Adoption of e-commerce: An empirical study on the consumers in India, pp. 22-31, Excel Books Publications, ISBN 978-81-7446759-1, India.
    2 Book Chapters: Mishra, B.B., Dash. M.R., Dash. P. R. (2009): E-Business: Strategic Impact on Supply Chain Management. pp. 32-41, Excel Books Publications, ISBN 978-81-8281 ?? 362 1, India.
  4. Research Books :
1 UNIVERSITY GOLD MEDAL in the Year 1997 for securing first position in First Class in M.Sc. in STATISTICS from Utkal University, Vani Vihar, Odisha.
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