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Welcome to Department of Political Science

Department Publications


  1. Nehru: The Maker of Modern India, Kalinga Publication, 1989
  2. Biswanath Das: A Tribute, Local Publisher, 1990
  3. Gandhi Remembered, Local Publisher, 1991
  4. Nehru and His Foreign Policy, Anu Books, 1993
  5. Socialist Vision of Congress, Local Publisher, 1993
  6. Reflections on Society, Polity and Economy in India, S.S. Printers, 1995
  7. Political Economy of India, Ashis Publications, 1997
  8. Eternal Gandhi, Ashis Publications, 1998
  9. Constitution and Constitutionalism in India, Ashis Publications, 1998
  10. Aspects of Local Governance in Orissa’, ISBN-97-81-89777-46-3, Published by P.G. Dept of Political Science, Utkal University, Odisha.